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High-Tech Woodway Walker View Treadmill

Delivering The Most-Advanced Gait Assessment With The Walker View Treadmill

For most of our patients, an integral part of the LifeWorks Rehab experience is a comprehensive gait (walking) assessment. Our highly-skilled physical therapists are able to measure how a patient moves when stepping, walking, or running, with the most advanced technology available today. The Woodway Walker View Treadmill gives us a three-dimensional look at a patient’s body in motion. This, coupled with sensors embedded in the platform, allows us to simultaneously assess gait and the movement of all parts of the body. This technology allows therapists to individualize treatment interventions based on a patient-specific body and gait mechanics.

The Woodway Walker View treadmill also features a 47″ digital monitor and powerful software that gives feedback in real time. This remarkable piece of rehabilitation equipment even prints the gait analysis once the test is finished.